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Nina Rivas

" I've always believed in good government.  I was raised to believe our government should be trusted, and that our leaders should be held to a higher standard.  I promise to uphold the integrity of good leadership I was raised to know and expect, and always be accountable and committed to our city."



Are you Election Ready?

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Are you Election Ready?


Nina Rivas, a Democrat running for clerk-treasurer in Portage, was one of the first to file in the clerk's office. Currently the chief of staff for the Portage Township Trustee, Rivas said she too wanted to file before heading to her office. She's running for the seat held by Chris Stidham, who filed his candidacy for Portage mayor Wednesday morning.

"I just wanted to show voters that I'm committed to running and excited to be on the campaign," Rivas said, adding she's worked in local government for the last eight years.

With the Mid-Term Election certified and behind us, after much consideration, I am eager to announce my candidacy for the City of Portage’s Clerk-Treasurer.


While I may have thought I would never consider public office, I have always believed in good government.   A government that works for its people, a government that goes that extra mile, a government with integrity.  Good government is needed more than ever.  The city is at the forefront of some challenging times and needs a renewed sense of trust and leadership.  I feel called upon to roll up my sleeves and do my part.  


I have worked for Portage Township Government the past eight years, and it’s been an honor.  I’m proud to have been a part of the work that has been accomplished.  The Clerk-Treasurer is tasked with a vital role in city government; one that helps guide city leaders with information to make the right decisions.  I believe my experience and knowledge I’ve gained at the township level puts me in the position to undertake the task.


I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting citizens, and tackling the challenges ahead. 

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